Prenatal Visits

Wednesday is the day set aside specifically for prenatal clinic.

If Wednesday is not convenient, special arrangements can be made to see you on another day.

We also do home visits for people in Southern Middle Tennessee.

The prenatal visit provides an excellent way for the the expectant mother and partner of family to meet the different midwives who serve at The Farm Midwifery center.

Mothers will often select one midwife to be their primary are provider. The primary midwife will be present at each of the mothers's prenatal visits, manage the delivery and be available for follow up care.

mom and baby

For more information, contact:

The Farm Midwifery Center
931-964-2472 / 931-964-2293

or e-mail us:

moms and babies
On Wednesdays The Farm Midwives also do well-baby checkup, which takes place 6 weeks after the initial delivery.




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