Deborah Flowers, RN, CPM
  • Active with The Farm Midwifery Center since 1982
  • Over 1000 births
  • Lab Director, Plenty International, Guatemala, 1978-1980
  • Valedictorian, Columbia State College School of Nursing, 1995
  • Director of Midwifery Program for Plenty Belize, 2000
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Williamson Medical Center, 2005-2013

After receiving her certification and working with The Farm Midwifery Center for a number of years, Deborah worked with Plenty International, serving as the director of a midwifery and childbirth education program, conducting trainings for 12 Mayan women from 10 different villages in the highland region of southern Belize.

In addition to teaching IV Therapy and other classes for The Farm Midwifery Center, Deborah has been one of the primary instructors for the Neonatal Resuscitation Class.

Deborah served on the board of Midwife International, a nonprofit organization that partners with established clinics and professional midwives to provide leadership and midwifery training opportunities abroad.

In 2013, Deborah left her employment at Williamson Medical Center to return full time to midwifery and The Farm Midwifery Center. Deborah's years as a neonatal intensive care nurse have given her valuable skills much appreciated and utilized by her midwife partners on The Farm.

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From the Students:

Thank you so much for your teaching and wisdom.

Thank you so much for taking the time to teach, inspire, and encourage me at the Midwife Assistant Workshop. It was such an honor to learn from you - not just technical skills, but also your compassion and honest love for women and babies. It was so incredible and selfless of you to help us students begin our journey. I am forever grateful for the opportunity you gave me. Thank you for setting a pathway to help midwifery grow.

Sweet Deborah,
Lady, you are a joy. Your presence is so peaceful, so gentle, and so very, truly good. You have a teacher’s heart-actions, warm, compassionate, and selfless. You have a midwife’s soul - full of grace, Stardust, and devotion. It was an honor to be your student, to be in your company, and to finally meet a woman whose impact on my life has been huge and total. I hope very much that our paths cross again - I am a better person for having spent time with you, and I am so deeply grateful for the time and love that you showed and gave to each one of us. You are so very special to me. Thank you.
Sarah and baby Levon

From the Producers of Birth Story, the movie:

A note of sincere thanks to view for your participation and support of birth story. We are so grateful and hope you will enjoy the “extra feature” on plenty that we were alas unable to include in the movie (but happily are able to share with the audience through the DVD.) I think the compassion and tenderness you show in that segment will motivate many to look outside themselves and ask what they can do to help women and babies and other countries. Please keep us posted with updates on your work - we're happy to promote and share with our Facebook fans!
Much love, Sarah and Mary

Thank you for your wisdom, sharing your experience, your wonderful teaching, your kindness, and embracing laughter in your classroom. Your grace and poise are inspiring. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to learn from you.
Love, Elana


Deborah Flowers
Deborah Flowers observes a Mayan midwifery
trainee at a prenatal clinic in Belize.

Deborah Flowers
Deborah and a new mother

deborah flowers

Deborah Flowers



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